AREA 51: How To See Groom Lake Airbase Without Getting Busted.

WHAT: Tikaboo Peak, Nevada. How To See Area 51 As far as mountains go, Tikaboo Peak, Nevada, is not particularly special. However, the fact that it’s the only viewpoint from which civilians can see Groom lake, makes hiking to area 51’s Tikaboo Peak something of a sacred pilgrimage in the UFO community. Since construction began […]

AN IBOGA CEREMONY: The Ultimate Psychedelic Ritual In The African Rainforests


As well as lucid visions, the experience may include psychic downloads, words, sounds, light bulb moments of solar intensity, and other mediums that stretch the imagination. Forget imagined comparisons with LSD, mushrooms, or any other psychedelics.  The only way to truly understand an iboga Bwiti ceremony and iboga is to buy the ticket and take the […]

RADICAL HONESTY: Lose Friends, Infuriate People, Find Mental Liberation

a man taking off a mask and engaging in radical honesty

WHAT: Radical honesty When psychotherapist and author Brad Blanton began teaching radical honesty workshops, he structured the curriculum on the premise that we all lie like hell. From trivial white lies told to spare someone’s feelings through to brazen falsehoods spun to conceal something downright dirty, we all do it. Regardless of why we lie, […]

THE DARIEN GAP: How to Survive the World’s Deadliest Hike

Sunrise in The Darien Gap. The worlds most dangerous hike.

WHAT: Hiking The Darien Gap Hiking The Darién Gap – a 100-mile wide, untouched strip of swamp, mountains, and dense jungle connecting the fuzzily drawn Panama Colombia border is as risky as it is rewarding. Despite a wealth of natural, cultural, and material treasures, the Darien gap, AKA – the “world’s most dangerous hike,” remains […]