The Golden Owl Treasure Hunt


In 1993, a French writer sparked the golden owl treasure hunt. Three decades later, the valuable statue has still not been found.

How to Browse the Dark Web Without Scarring Your Soul

Man browsing the dark web on his computer

In the mid-90s, the US government was exploring ways to help spies communicate without being traced. The “Dark Web” was the result – a clandestine digital domain, where users could operate in total anonymity. Inadvertently, they’d also created the perfect hiding place for digital delinquents.

GO: The Ancient Board Game Taking Over the Modern World

how to play go board game table

Go’s number of potential board positions is around 2.1 × 10-170, which is hundreds of times greater than the number of atomic particles in the known universe. Learning to play Go is surprisingly easy. However, learning to play well requires practice, study, and an appetite for humble pie.

Van Life: A beginners Guide to the Endless Road Trip

Looking out from van over sunset on mountains

Nowadays the phrase “Van Life” means more than simply living in a vehicle. It reflects a cultural shift in thinking. Vanlifers are nomads, trading materialism for minimalism, and things for experiences. 

Hiking Mexico’s Copper Canyon

Man running in copper canyon

As well as being one of the natural world’s most stunning landscapes, Mexico’s Copper Canyon is home to the Tarahumara Indians, an indigenous group famed as the world’s best long-distance endurance runners.

Hike the Tepui in Venezuela

Mount Roraima in Canaima National Park is home to the word's highest waterfall

Hiking the Tepui, in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park will take you to Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall.