THE SILK ROAD: Road Tripping the Route that Spawned Civilization

The silk road runs from china to turkey

Nowadays, traveling the Silk Road is to follow the ghost of traders, merchants, and Mongol warriors. Much has changed. However, the Silk Road’s reputation as the world’s highest, lowest, hottest, coldest, longest, most rewarding road trip remains the same.

THE SNOWMAN TREK: It Makes Everest Look Like Childs Play

Hiker taking on The Snowman Trek

Widely considered the Holy Grail of hiking in Bhutan, the Snowman Trek is also the hardest hike in the Himalayas. Maybe even the toughest trek in the world.  This beautiful and brutal trail eats hardened hikers for breakfast. Although many try, few succeed.

Human Rewilding: Become a Hunter-Gatherer in Your Own Back Yard

a modern hunter gatherer woman shooting a bow

WHAT: Human Rewilding Apart from being slightly smarter than the average monkey, our pre-agricultural ancestors were as “wild” as the animals they stalked or the berries they picked. Fast forward a few millennia. Nowadays, only a fraction of their domesticated descendants know what it’s like to forage for edible plants or kill their own meat. […]

THE SNOW LEOPARD: In Search of the World’s Most Elusive Cat

WHAT: Search for The Snow Leopard In the high-altitude heart of the Himalayan mountains, rules a stealthy, powerful, phantom feline. It’s the wildlife photographer’s “Holy Grail” animal, and the quintessential lucky sighting. It is solitary, shy, and doesn’t like posing for photos. It is the Panther Uncia, AKA, the “Grey Ghost,” AKA – The Snow […]

THE RICKSHAW RUN: How to Enter India’s Treacherous Tuk Tuk Race

The Rickshaw Run is a 3000km survival race in a three-wheeled, accident-prone death trap through a country that boasts more traffic accident deaths than anywhere on earth. As well as being quite possibly one of the most hair-brained vacations out there, signing up for the Rickshaw Run is one of the greatest road trip adventures on the planet.

CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK: Discover Costa Rica’s Real Life Jurassic World

Jaguar in Corcovado National Park

Despite making up just 0.3 percent of Earth’s landmass, Costa Rica is home to five percent of all species on the planet. And most of these stunners hang out in Corcovado National Park, a protected area of virgin rainforest where the terrain and its inhabitants are the stuff of Jurassic legend.