REMOTE VIEWING: The CIA Guide To Psychic Spying

CIA Remote Viewing

Many claim remote viewing is real. However, others dismiss it as total fantasy. One group that took it seriously enough to spend tens of millions on training psychic spies how to remote view was the US Defense Intelligence Agency.


sail boat sailing around the world

If you’re happy to listen, learn, tell a decent joke, and roll up your sleeves with a positive attitude, then it really is entirely possible to sail the world for free.

THE SNOWMAN TREK: It Makes Everest Look Like Childs Play

Hiker taking on The Snowman Trek

Widely considered the Holy Grail of hiking in Bhutan, the Snowman Trek is also the hardest hike in the Himalayas. Maybe even the toughest trek in the world.  This beautiful and brutal trail eats hardened hikers for breakfast. Although many try, few succeed.

Human Rewilding: Become a Hunter-Gatherer in Your Own Back Yard

a modern hunter gatherer woman shooting a bow

WHAT: Human Rewilding Apart from being slightly smarter than the average monkey, our pre-agricultural ancestors were as “wild” as the animals they stalked or the berries they picked. Fast forward a few millennia. Nowadays, only a fraction of their domesticated descendants know what it’s like to forage for edible plants or kill their own meat. […]

Mongol Rally: The World’s Wackiest Motor Race

Car with Telephone box on top

The Mongol Rally has no rule book, no pit stops, checkpoints, or fancy accommodations. It’s just you and your buddies, on your own, piloting your rolling rubbish dump through the mountains, plains, and deserts of Eurasia and beyond.