LEARNING TO SURF: Why Riding Waves Makes Life Better

Learning to surf will improve your mind, body, and soul in ways you never thought possible. Surfing boosts confidence, happiness, cardiovascular health, core strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and all-around endurance. However, as someone who has taught surfing to everyone from toddlers to retirees, I can tell you it’s not just the physical benefits that keep surfers paddling out well into their golden years.

HOW TO BECOME A JEDI KNIGHT: Sign Up. Take The Oath. Embrace the Force.

WHAT: How To Become A Jedi Knight The word ‘Jedi’ usually conjures images of a psychokinetic, lightsaber-wielding poet warrior from a fantasy saga a long time ago, in a cinematic galaxy far, far away.  And that’s precisely what they were. Then, in 2001, a group of UK-based internet pranksters urged people to record ‘Jedi’ as their […]

HOW TO QUIT BOOZE: The Social Drinkers Guide to Kicking the Sauce

Written by Patrick Cooke. Check out his work here. WHAT: How To Quit Booze “How to quit booze” is a question the vast majority of us have asked ourselves, usually the morning after. The hangover, AKA – the undisputed world champion of dream killers, inspires only two things. First, the desire to stay in bed, pissing […]

HOW TO “KNOW THYSELF” Is an Ancient Greek Maxim the Ultimate Self-Help Advice?

Disclaimer: This article is an overview of a complex topic. Readers wishing to explore further are advised to check out the video and reading recommendations at the bottom of this page.  WHAT: How To Know Thyself “How to know thyself” is a question Homo Sapiens since began to self-reflect. Who are we? What are we doing? […]