Evolution has one big rule: If there’s no pressure on the system to change, then it doesn’t bother.

Noble Sapien: A “How To” of Hero’s Journeys for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Only generations ago, life on planet earth was a daily adventure. Maps had edges to wander beyond.  Entire continents lay undiscovered, and monsters real and imagined lurked at every turn. Our rites of passage were a do-or-die affair – personal growth rituals demanding we leave our comfort zones in the dust, stretch the limits of our minds, bodies, and souls, and thus return to our tribes better, bolder, nobler sapiens.

A few generations later, every corner of Earth has been mapped, filed, and dumped into mobile devices. The word “adventure” has been sanitized, state-sanctioned,  and scrubbed by fast-food and coffee chains to hawk Happy Meals and Mocha Lattes. In this over-organized, over-litigated, soft-boiled culture, our tribal initiations have been reduced to baptisms, school graduations, and employee of the month awards.

In the face of frayed relationships and all-consuming careers we sift restlessly for a sense of meaning promised,  yet never delivered, by modern civilization.  In our unrelenting search for order we created chaos. In taming the world around us, we tamed ourselves. Now, the modern Sapien’s software runs on a climate-controlled input of processed meals, consumed watching survival reality shows in prefab houses under light-polluted skies.

Meanwhile, the ancient hunter-gatherer hardcode etched into our DNA from a forgotten world of fire and fangs remains alive, kicking, and calling to us to awaken our dormant instincts. Noble Sapien is the answer to that call. It challenges you to roll the dice, embrace the unexpected, survive on your wits, leap from cliffs, and assemble the parachute on the way down.

Bon Voyage!