The Medjugorje Miracle of the Sun: Myth or Genuine Miracle?

WHAT: The Miracle of the Sun in Medjugorje.

The ‘miracle of the Sun’ is the name given to an astonishing solar apparition that takes place almost daily over the skies of Medjugorje, Bosnia. Most afternoons, the Sun appears to zig-zag and dance around the sky, speed towards the Earth, emit multicolored beams of light, and perform other baffling celestial gymnastics. So strange is this regularly occurring phenomenon, that even atheistic witnesses who leave with their skepticism intact are baffled as to why mainstream science and media hardly mention it.

Believers will tell you that the miracle of the Sun is exactly that – a miracle that offers incontrovertible proof of the existence of a higher power. On the other hand, scientific explanations range from stratospheric dust, ice crystals in the clouds, to mass collective hallucinations. And they may well be right. However, before you dismiss it as religious mumbo jumbo, it gets way weirder.

Miracle of the sun in mejugorje

A Message From Above?

Nowadays, the miracle of the sun is synonymous with Medjugorje, Bosnia. However, it first occurred during spring 1917, in Fatima, Portugal. It began when three children reported witnessing apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, they prophesied that on October 13th, 1917, she would send a miracle “so that all may believe.”

After being widely circulated by Portuguese media, these claims drew criticism from both religious and non-religious institutions. Nevertheless, word spread across the country. On the predicted day, the Sun showed up and did its thing. It wasn’t so much the light show that left witnesses speechless. It was that the children’s prediction had been dead on. Moreover,  journalists, photographers, and an estimated 100,000 members of the public witnessed the entire event.

The miracle of the sun on Fatima, Portugal
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

In 1981, the miracle of the sun began again 2200 km east, in the poor, war-torn town of Medjugorje, Bosnia. Initially, six Bosnian children reported witnessing apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Before long, the  Medjugorje Sun began performing the same stunts as it had decades earlier during the ‘Miracle of Fatima’.

Pilgrims come to bosnia to witness the miracle of the sun and other apparitions
Each year, hundreds of thousands of believers flock to Medjugorje to witness what they believe to be a sign from above.

Although Fatima was a one-time thing, the Medjugorje apparitions persist to this day. In fact, most Medjugorje residents consider it weird on days when the Sun doesn’t spin. Other Medjugorje miracles include unexplained healings, mysterious writings in the sky, and the ability to stare at the sun for long periods without damaging one’s eyes.

Hallucinations and Hysteria?

Critics consider the Medjugorje apparitions to be a hoax, chalking reports of mysterious lights up to hysteria, mass hallucinations, unique atmospheric conditions, or fires lit by local youths. Millions more believe these events to be a sign from above. Religious leanings aside, there’s one thing on which all visitors agree: That the Medjugorje sunsets put a whole new spin on the term ‘mind-blowing.’


The miracle of the sun over medjugorje, church
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

For foreign visitors, the easiest way to get to Medugorje is to fly into Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. From here, Medjugorje is only 20 km bus or taxi journey. Alternatively, fly into the Croatian cities of Dubrovnik or Split. From here you can catch a bus. Upon arrival, you’ll find plenty of places to stay including hotels and B&Bs.


The miracle of the sun occurs in Medjugorje. This small town sits in the mountains above the Dalmatian coast of southwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Medjugorje is about 20 km east of the Croatia border, and 25 km southwest of Mostar, in one of the country’s poorest areas.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons



That depends on the impact witnessing the miracle of the Sun has on you. Some walk away feeling they witnessed a readily explainable, atmospheric gas-induced light show. Others, including previously die-hard atheists, have been known to reconsider everything they thought they knew.

  • A possible spiritual encounter that transcends anything you’d find in church.
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
  • Sunsets unlike anywhere in the world.
  • Bosnian kebabs are also pretty miraculous


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