Van Life: A beginners Guide to the Endless Road Trip

Looking out from van over sunset on mountains

Nowadays the phrase “Van Life” means more than simply living in a vehicle. It reflects a cultural shift in thinking. Vanlifers are nomads, trading materialism for minimalism, and things for experiences. 

The Medjugorje Miracle of the Sun: Myth or Genuine Miracle?

sun behind crosses

Believers will tell you that the miracle of the Sun is exactly that – a miracle that offers incontrovertible proof of the existence of a higher power. On the other hand, scientific explanations range from stratospheric dust, ice crystals in the clouds, to mass collective hallucinations.


sail boat sailing around the world

If you’re happy to listen, learn, tell a decent joke, and roll up your sleeves with a positive attitude, then it really is entirely possible to sail the world for free.

THE SILK ROAD: Road Tripping the Route that Spawned Civilization

The silk road runs from china to turkey

Nowadays, traveling the Silk Road is to follow the ghost of traders, merchants, and Mongol warriors. Much has changed. However, the Silk Road’s reputation as the world’s highest, lowest, hottest, coldest, longest, most rewarding road trip remains the same.

Human Rewilding: Become a Hunter-Gatherer in Your Own Back Yard

a modern hunter gatherer woman shooting a bow

WHAT: Human Rewilding Apart from being slightly smarter than the average monkey, our pre-agricultural ancestors were as “wild” as the animals they stalked or the berries they picked. Fast forward a few millennia. Nowadays, only a fraction of their domesticated descendants know what it’s like to forage for edible plants or kill their own meat. […]