HOLOTROPIC BREATH WORK: How To Get High on Breathing

illustration of someone holotropic breathing

WHAT: A Guide to Holotropic Breathing Holotropic breathing: an ultra-powerful method of inhaling and exhaling that can (and often will) blow your mind. Many who practice holotropic breathing techniques liken the effects to powerful psychedelics. Consequently, it’s understandable why newcomers may wonder whether holotropic breathing sessions can be dangerous. Like psychedelics, holotropic breathing techniques are […]

KAMBO: The Ancient Healing Ceremony That’s Not For the Faint Hearted

kambo comes from the skin of the waxy monkey tree frog

WHAT: A Kambo Ceremony In a world where GMOs, booze, Coca-Cola, and other toxins are rife, it’s little wonder the physical “cleansing” industry is booming. For most, this may involve drinking more water or dietary changes. For others, meditation practice or a week at a wellness retreat. Then, a select few are willing to grit […]

AN IBOGA CEREMONY: The Ultimate Psychedelic Ritual In The African Rainforests


As well as lucid visions, the experience may include psychic downloads, words, sounds, light bulb moments of solar intensity, and other mediums that stretch the imagination. Forget imagined comparisons with LSD, mushrooms, or any other psychedelics.  The only way to truly understand an iboga Bwiti ceremony and iboga is to buy the ticket and take the […]