Van Life: A beginners Guide to the Endless Road Trip

Looking out from van over sunset on mountains

Nowadays the phrase “Van Life” means more than simply living in a vehicle. It reflects a cultural shift in thinking. Vanlifers are nomads, trading materialism for minimalism, and things for experiences. 

The Baja 1000: The Dusty, Demented Desert Race that’s Open to Anyone

Racing along the Baja Coastline

WHAT: Compete in the Baja 1000 The Mexican Baja Peninsula: A 1200 km strip of sparsely populated desert synonymous with spaghetti westerns, pina-coladas, and 2 for 1 tequila shots. But there is another side to Baja;  a dusty, dangerous, motorized anarchy fest that lures dirt bike, ATV riders, dune buggy racers, trophy truck fanatics, and […]

THE SILK ROAD: Road Tripping the Route that Spawned Civilization

The silk road runs from china to turkey

Nowadays, traveling the Silk Road is to follow the ghost of traders, merchants, and Mongol warriors. Much has changed. However, the Silk Road’s reputation as the world’s highest, lowest, hottest, coldest, longest, most rewarding road trip remains the same.

Mongol Rally: The World’s Wackiest Motor Race

Car with Telephone box on top

The Mongol Rally has no rule book, no pit stops, checkpoints, or fancy accommodations. It’s just you and your buddies, on your own, piloting your rolling rubbish dump through the mountains, plains, and deserts of Eurasia and beyond.

DRIVING THE PAN AMERICAN HIGHWAY: How To Drive and Survive the World’s Longest Road Trip

On July 29, 1937, US politicians met with representatives from South and Central American nations to discuss lengthening roadways in order to expedite overland trade. Thus was born the Pan American Highway – a 24,000 km road stretching the entire length of the Americas, and one of the most jaw-dropping, tire-trashing, gas-guzzling road trips on the planet.