The Golden Owl Treasure Hunt


In 1993, a French writer sparked the golden owl treasure hunt. Three decades later, the valuable statue has still not been found.

GO: The Ancient Board Game Taking Over the Modern World

how to play go board game table

Go’s number of potential board positions is around 2.1 × 10-170, which is hundreds of times greater than the number of atomic particles in the known universe. Learning to play Go is surprisingly easy. However, learning to play well requires practice, study, and an appetite for humble pie.

HOLOTROPIC BREATH WORK: How To Get High on Breathing

illustration of someone holotropic breathing

WHAT: A Guide to Holotropic Breathing Holotropic breathing: an ultra-powerful method of inhaling and exhaling that can (and often will) blow your mind. Many who practice holotropic breathing techniques liken the effects to powerful psychedelics. Consequently, it’s understandable why newcomers may wonder whether holotropic breathing sessions can be dangerous. Like psychedelics, holotropic breathing techniques are […]

REMOTE VIEWING: The CIA Guide To Psychic Spying

CIA Remote Viewing

Many claim remote viewing is real. However, others dismiss it as total fantasy. One group that took it seriously enough to spend tens of millions on training psychic spies how to remote view was the US Defense Intelligence Agency.