Human Rewilding: Become a Hunter-Gatherer in Your Own Back Yard

a modern hunter gatherer woman shooting a bow

WHAT: Human Rewilding Apart from being slightly smarter than the average monkey, our pre-agricultural ancestors were as “wild” as the animals they stalked or the berries they picked. Fast forward a few millennia. Nowadays, only a fraction of their domesticated descendants know what it’s like to forage for edible plants or kill their own meat. […]

HOW TO BECOME A JEDI KNIGHT: Sign Up. Take The Oath. Embrace the Force.

WHAT: How To Become A Jedi Knight The word ‘Jedi’ usually conjures images of a psychokinetic, lightsaber-wielding poet warrior from a fantasy saga a long time ago, in a cinematic galaxy far, far away.  And that’s precisely what they were. Then, in 2001, a group of UK-based internet pranksters urged people to record ‘Jedi’ as their […]

HOW TO QUIT BOOZE: The Social Drinkers Guide to Kicking the Sauce

Written by Patrick Cooke. Check out his work here. WHAT: How To Quit Booze “How to quit booze” is a question the vast majority of us have asked ourselves, usually the morning after. The hangover, AKA – the undisputed world champion of dream killers, inspires only two things. First, the desire to stay in bed, pissing […]

HOW TO “KNOW THYSELF” Is an Ancient Greek Maxim the Ultimate Self-Help Advice?

Disclaimer: This article is an overview of a complex topic. Readers wishing to explore further are advised to check out the video and reading recommendations at the bottom of this page.  WHAT: How To Know Thyself “How to know thyself” is a question Homo Sapiens have been asking since they acquired the ability to self-reflect. Who […]